The Litchfield overpass was dedicated to Maj. Troy L. Gilbert Jan. 25 at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. Major Gilbert was killed in Baghdad Nov. 27, 2006. After 14 months of construction, people at Luke AFB can get from one side of the base to the other without ever leaving a gate, now that base officials have opened the overpass crossing Litchfield Road. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Raheem Moore)

Pic courtesy of af.mil Today’s WOD is in honor of former Thunderbolt, Maj Troy L. Gilbert, who died in combat Nov 27th, 2006. Click on the above picture to see the story that the Air Force website ran when the bridge was dedicated to Maj Gilbert.




Teams of Two Complete the Following:

Partner 1-34 Cal Row/Partner 2-34 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (50/35), then switch and repeat

200M run w/med ball (together) (20/14)

P1-56 KB Swings (50/35)/P2-56 Plate Squats (45/25), then switch and repeat

200M Run w/med ball (20/14)

P1-34 Cal Ski Erg/P2-34 KB SDHP (50/35), then switch and repeat

200M Run w/med ball (20/14)

P1-56 KBS (50/35)/P2-56 Plate Squats (45/25), then switch and repeat

200M Run w/med ball (20/14)

20 Synchronized Burpees as a team

*20 Min Time Cap


Today’s WOD honors one of Luke’s own.   These exercises are movements to reflect on elements of Maj Troy Gilbert’s life; his assignment to the 56 FW (56 squats/kettlebell swings), his age at the time of death 34 (34 calorie row/ski erg/KBSDHP), his 5 children (5 exercises) and his 2 strafe passes (2 movements at each station).

This is a partner WOD (teams of two).  It starts with partner 1 performing a 34 Cal row while partner 2 completes 34 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls.  Once both athletes finish, they switch places and repeat.  Once both finish that, they will then take off for a partner 200M run with a med ball.  During the run, the partners can pass the med ball back and forth as needed.  Once both have returned to the gym, they move to part 2, doing the same break out as before, one partner performing one move while the other performs the second move, once both finish, they switch places and repeat, then go out for another 200M partner med ball run.  When they get to part 5, they will perform synchronized burpees.

So, for the burpees to count, both athletes’ chests have to make contact on the ground before they can come up.

There is a 20 min time cap to this WOD.



Scaling Options:

KB weight -> 35/25 ->25/15


Plate weight -> 35/15 ->25/10


Med ball weight ->14/10


Cool Down:

Roll out T-Spine – 15 passes


Push up to Downward Dog (slow) x 10



2-Second pause Back Squat



Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.

Third time hitting our pause squats.  Ensure you are holding a good two seconds (one one-thousand, two one-thousand) at the bottom of each rep.  Lower rep counts mean this week should be heavier all around!


EMOM for 16:

Min 1: 15/12 Cal Row

Min 2: 12 Chest2Bar Pull Ups

Min 3: 40 Double Unders

Min 4: 10 Burpees


Goal is to get the rep count in each minute with time to spare.  If you find you are unable to meet the required reps/cals, scale the numbers back.


Scaling Options:

C2B -> Chin above Pull ups -> Buddha Pull Ups*


DUs ->practice DUs for 45 sec


Cool Down:

Oly Wall Sit – 3 min


Calf stretch on rig – 2 min per side



Bench Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.

Third time hitting bench this cycle. Lower rep count per set should allow for heavier weights this time out!




Power Clean (115/80)

Push Press (115/80)


Nice little couple to work both speed and technique for the power cleans and push press.  For the Power Cleans, make sure you are still catching in a power position instead of muscle-cleaning the weight, and make sure elbows are in front of the bar, and you stand fully (knees and hips locked out) before dropping the weight.  For Push Press, do not re-bend the legs as you begin to push the bar up.  It is a push press, not a jerk.  And yes, you can go right into your push press at the end of the last power clean each round.


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 95/65 ->75/55 -> as needed


Cool Down:

Doorway stretch – 2 min per side


Tricep mash on bar – 2 min per side


SAVE THE DATE!!!  7Dec, we will have our annual Fit2Fight Throw down from 0600-0900 at the Combat PT tent.  It will be a team of 4 event, and entry fee is a toy donation for an adopted AF Family.  Please see coach Sherri for more info.  It’ll be a lot fo fun and for a great cause!


5 Rounds*:

20/16 Cal Assault Bike

15/13 Cal Ski Erg

200M Run


*1 Min Rest between rounds

With the minute break between each round, the goal is to go for an all-out sprint each round.


Scaling Options:

Run -> 250M Row



Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 3 min per side


Thread the needle (pause when shoulder is on floor for 30 sec) x 5 per side


QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT!  We will be running “Trojan” starting at 0600 this coming Friday in honor of former Thunderbolt, Maj Troy L. Gilbert.  It will be a partner WOD, so grab a partner!



High Hang Snatch




Sets start every 3 min

%s based off 25Oct 1RM

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Third time hitting the high hang (pocket) Snatch this cycle.  Weight stays the same as last time, but higher rep counts here.  Focus on the explosive hip extension and FAST drop under the bar for each rep.  Also, hold onto that bar!


12 Min AMRAP:


14 Box Jumps (24/20)

18 Med Ball Sit Ups (20/14)

20 Plate OH Walking Lunges (45/25)

Video courtesy of CFE Planet.  Quick demo of med ball sit ups.

For this AMRAP, try to keep a steady pace throughout the whole time.



Scaling Options:

HSPUS -> Pike Push ups

Video courtesy of Norcal CrossFIt


Box height -> 20/16 -> as needed

Med ball Sit upss -> Butterfly sit ups -> feet anchored sit ups

Plate weight -> 35/15 ->25/10


Cool Down:

Banded Bully Stretch – 2 min per side


Pigeon Pose – 2 min per side



High Hang Clean




2@75% + 1 Jerk at the end of ea set.

Sets start every 2 min

% based of 25Oct 1RM

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Second time going through the high hang (pocket) cleans for our clean variation this cycle.  The %s go up, so keep a good grip on the bar each rep!


4 Rounds NOT For Time:

8 Seated Box Jumps (20 seat – jump to a 24/20 box)

Burpee Broad jumps – 30′


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Watch from 0:00 – 1:35 for seated box jumps. The goal of these is to build that explosive hip extension.  Same goes for the broad jump in the burpee broad jumps.  Today is not about going fast through the sets.  It is about hitting perfect form each rep.


Scaling Options:

Box height -> as needed.  Also, if 24″ is too easy, feel free to increase.


Cool Down:

Downward Dog to Cobra x10 slow and controlled


Roll out inner thighs x 10 passes per

Video courtesy of Howcast.  Quick demo of inner thigh rolling.  As much work as our legs have done this week, do NOT skip out!


pic courtesy of CrossFit Jigsaw


What better way to get ready for al the Thanksgiving eating then by getting together with a few friends to knock out this WOD!


“Partner Murph Lite”


Teams of 2 or 3 complete the following:

400M Run (done together)

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Air Squats

400M Run (done together)


*other than the runs, only one partner working at a time


Scaling Options:

Run -> 500M row


Pull ups -> Buddha Pull Ups


Push Ups -> off bench


Air Squats -> to depth


Cool Down:

Roll out lats


Couch stretch – 3 min per side


REMINDER: The Combat PT Tent will be on Holiday hours Thursday and Friday this week. Please plan accordingly. No classes are planned that day, but post on our Facebook page if you plan on going, so others can join in


“12 Days of Thankfulness”

Done “12-Days” style: – 45 Min cap

1- Ring dip or muscle up

2- HSPUs

3- Power Snatches (135/95)

4- Box jumps (24/20)

5- Burpees

6- Toe2Bar

7- Hang Power Cleans 135/95

8- Ab Mat Sit Ups

9- Hand-Release Push ups

10-Walking Lunges

11-Deadlifts 135/95

12-Cal Assault Bike


Workout flows as follows:1 Ring dip or muscle up , 2 Burpees, 1 Ring dip or muscle up , 3 Front squats , 2 Burpees, 1 Ring dip or muscle up , 4 Box jumps , 3 Front squats , 2 Burpees , 1 Ring dip or muscle up , etc…


Scaling Options:

Ring Dip -> stationary dip -> box dip

Bar weight -> as needed, BUT use SAME weight for ALL bar movements

Box height -> as needed

T2B -> hanging knee raise

Ab mat SU-> feet anchored


Cool Down:



REMINDER: The Combat PT Tent will be on Holiday hours Thursday and Friday this week. Please plan accordingly. No classes are planned that day, but post on our Facebook page if you plan on going, so others can join in




Increase weight ea set

Our second time going through the deadlift in this cycle.  The sets decrease so the goal is to start heavier and end heavier than the 5X5 week.



4 Rounds:

6 Thrusters (115/80)

12/9 Cal Row

24 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 85/65 -> as needed


DB weight -> as needed


Cool Down:

Hang from pull up bar – 3 min hang time


Banded OH stretch


REMINDER:  The Combat PT Tent will be on Holiday hours Thursday and Friday this week.  Please plan accordingly.  No classes are planned that day, but post on our Facebook page if you plan on going, so others can join in



“Strongman Day”


2 min rounds of work w/1 min rest for 24 minutes:


Farmers carry – 53/35 max reps of 50’ walks


Tires Flips – max reps of 25’


D-ball – max reps of over the shoulder (50/35)


Sled push – max reps of 50’ (90/70)

All Strongman, All Day!!!  Fun day to practice some Strongman moves.  So, you will work for 2 minutes on one station, have a one minute break before moving on to the next station. This will continue for 24 minutes, meaning you’ll hit each station six times.

video courtesy of ShapeFit and the good people at CrossFit Hyde Park.  Quick demo on farmer walks.


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Quick refresher on tire flip technique


video courtesy of Dave Levey.  Two variations of D-Ball to over the shoulder.




Scaling Options:

KB weight -> as needed


Tire flips -> lighter tire or two-person flips


D-Ball weight -> as needed


Sled push weight -> as needed


Cool Down:

Roll out forearms – 10 passes per side


Roll out back