If missed Mon – Wed, complete here.  Otherwise…

10 minutes to practice Muscle Snatch Triples.

Work up to 85% Snatch 1RM


4 Rounds For Time:

1 Muscle Up

5 Power Cleans 185/135

50 Double Unders


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Scaling Options:

Muscle Ups – 3 burpee-to-kipping pull ups


Power Clean – shoot for 75% of 1RM


Double Unders – 2:1 Single Unders


Channeling the power of the hip can be tricky when it comes to the muscle-up.

“I think that most people understand you’ve got to have a good amount of pulling strength, full range, and a deep dip with a great amount of dipping strength. I think getting the hip involved to learn the kipping muscle-up is a little bit more complicated,” says gymnast and CrossFit Santa Cruz coach Laurie Galassi.

To help athletes understand how to get the hips involved, she has them lie on their backs, pull their knees into their chests and then explosively open their hips with their butts as high as possible.

“Imagine if you could freeze your hip at the height it’s at right now and sit yourself up over your hip—kind of like a reverse Slinky going up the stairs,” Galassi explains.

The next drill has a couple of prerequisite skills: an ability to hold yourself at the bottom of a ring dip and to stabilize yourself at the top.

“We’re going to take the explosive hip opening and put it on the rings,” Galassi says. “The goal is to activate that hip and get a boost out of it.”

Video by Hollis Molloy.




Beginner: 1×5, 1×5+

Add 5- 10lbs to last week


Intermediate: 5RM

Shoot for added 5 – 10lbs from last 5RM


For Time:

2 Split Jerk (225/155)

800m run

4 Split Jerk (225/155)

600m run

6 Split Jerk (225/155)

400 m run

8 Split Jerk (225/155)

200 m run

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Scaling Options:

Split Jerk – use 75% of 1RM

If you can’t run, do 250M row for every 200M run

Video courtesy of Technique WOD.  Coach Doug Larson going over finer points of the split jerk.  Today, make a point to push yourself under the bar rather than pushing the weight up.



Back Squat


Add 10lbs + from last workout(14Apr)

Post weight used to Comments


7 min AMRAP

Burpee/ring dip/sit up


2 min break, then…



Burpee/box jump(24/20)/sit up

Post combined total rounds/reps to Comments

Burpee/ring dip/sit up = Drop down for a burpee, get up, do a ring dip, drop down, do a sit up.  This equals one round.   Burpee/box jump sit up = Drop down for burpee, get up, jump on box, jump off, do sit up.  This equals one round.


crossfit-on-ramp1-300x156pic courtesy of CrossFit Suspension

SPREAD THE WORD!  Our next On-Ramp starts Tuesday, May 5th.  If you know someone interested, have them see Coach Sherri at the Warrior PT tent, or click on the above pic to get all the info for on-ramp and submit an email to our gmail account.






Add 5lbs from last press workout(13Apr)


Every 2 min for 10 min (5 total rounds):

10 Handstand Push Ups

1 Skin the Cat

Once you finish the reps for the round, any time left is rest until the next 2 min round starts.

If you are unable to complete the above rep scheme during the two minute round, when the 2 minutes is up, continue through and finish the round, then rest until the next 2 minute rounds starts.

Post successful round to Comments

Video courtesy of Team CrossFit Krav Maga.  The Skin the Cat can be done on rings or a bar.  Go to where your mobility will allow.


Scale Options:

For HSPUs – If you cannot perform ten, you will perform 7 handstands with a 5 sec negative, lowering your head to the ground, and then coming off the wall.

For Skin the Cat: Grab rings or bar, get fully upside down with arms straight and toes pointed to sky


EOD 2014

Members from one of CrossFit 623’s teams during the 2014 EOD Challenge.  This years Challenge goes down this coming Saturday.  See coach Sherri to get your team signed up!  OR, if you don;t want to compete, we would love to have JSCF volunteers.  Again, see Coach Sherri or Coach Ed.



Beginner: Deadlift: 1×5, 1×5+

add 5-10lbs to last week    

Intermediate: Deadlift: 5RM

Shoot for 10# heavier than last week

 Post weight to Comments


For Time:

1.5 Mile Run

100 Burpees

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mile and a half

So, as you can see on the map, we have a mile and a half path for you.  We’ll start outside of the Warrior PT tent, go right, turn left at the stop sign, take a left after the DV quarters, turn right onto Bong, go down until you hit Marauder, then turn around and come back.

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  This video came out back in 2012 for the CrossFit Open 12.1 WOD.  Watch the first 8 minutes to get some good prep points for being as efficient as possible for the burpees.  Face it, you’ll be coming into the burpees a bit tired, so let technique trump trying to go super fast.





If you missed Mon – Wed, make up the S/S/S potion. Otherwise…

10 minutes to practice Turkish Get ups

Video courtesy of the CrossFit Journal.  Kettlebell guru Jeff Martone outlines the three steps of the movement.

First there’s sitting up, then the transition to the knee and, finally, standing up.

While lying on the floor, your chest must be open. Then, ensure your knuckles remain in the same spot in space. Next, press, drive off the heel and keep coming up to a sitting position. This position, Martone cautions, does not involve merely rolling over or sitting straight up like a regular sit-up

“As you get stronger, you’re always shifting your weight to your forearm,” he explains. “But you gotta minimize weight to it and really work your core pretty hard.”

When it’s time to transition to the knee, push down the shoulder on the opposite side of the weight, push off with the heel and bring the leg through. Then, stand up while keeping the kettlebell in the same overhead position.


Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) for 10 Min:

Odd min – 30 sec sprint on rower for calories

Even min – 1 Turkish get up per side(53/35)


After the 30 second sprints, rest the remainder of the time.  On the TGU minutes, after performing one per side, rest the remainder of the minute



Close Grip Bench

5×5 @ 60% of Bench 1RM

Post weight used to Comments

For grip, the hands should  brush the sides of your chest at the bottom of the motion.  Make sure your elbows do not flare out.



5 Rounds for Load:

3 Position Snatch

Ground, right below knee, then hang

Post weight used in sets to Comments


Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  The 3-position snatch is simply 3 snatches performed from 3 different starting positions consecutively. Most commonly, the three positions are from the floor followed by two different hang heights, such as below the knee and above the knee.  So, today you will do your first rep from the ground, then, without dropping the bar, go to right below the knee, and do the second rep.  Finally, without letting go of the bar, complete the last rep from the hang position.


Don’t forget, this Saturday CrossFit Forbidden is hosting Event 1 of the Desert Warrior Competition Series, “The Saharan Open”, in Scottsdale.  The event starts at 0900.  At least one of our athletes will be competing.  Come out and cheer folks on, or register and compete yourself!  Click on the above pic to go to the registration page.



Push Press


add at least 10lbs to Press weight from 13 Apr

Post weight used to Comments


Video courtesy of Northstate CrossFit.


20 Min AMRAP:

10 Knee 2 Elbow

20 Alternating KB Snatch (1.5/5)

30 Double Unders


Post rounds/reps completed to Comments


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Good tips on body position and proper movement during the double unders.



Front Squat

5×5 @ 70% of FS 1RM

Sets start every 90 seconds

Post weight to Comments

We set our 1RM on FS on 6Apr


3 Rounds for Time:

20 Hang Power Clean (60% of Clean & Jerk 1RM)

1K Row

Post time to Comments

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Olympic Weightlifting Seminar head Coach Mike Burgener , with some good tips and tricks for the Hang Power Clean.


motivationSnatched this from a good friend of mine.  Next time you are on the fence about coming in for a WOD or not….



Bench Press

5×5  @ 70% 1RM

(set 3Apr)

Sets start every 90 sec


4 Rounds (40 sec per station, 20 sec break between) AMRAPS of


-Chest to Bar Pull Ups

-L-sits (1 rep per 5 seconds held)

-Wall Walks


Score = total reps

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