Coaches’ Hall Of Fame

This page is dedicated to former JSCF Coaches who have moved on to new assignements, but are still part of the Family


Coach Ed


Occupation: Explosive Ordnance Disposal Commander

JSCF Position: Lead Coach

My Story: I Started CF in 2007 in Methar Lam, Afghanistan

Favorite WOD(s):  Grace, Fran, Murph

Certifications:  CF L-1

Goals:  OLY Goal: 305 Clean and Jerk, Gymnastics Goal: Muscle up to handstand push up; Coaching Goal: CF L2, Oly Cert



Coach Kris

Occupation – NCOIC, Manpower and Organization

JSCF Status –  Lead Coach, I write articles

My Crossfit story – I first heard about CrossFit in 2010 but didn’t really know what it was. I tried my first WOD in 2011 in a hotel room while I was retraining into a new career field. The first workout took me an hour or so because I was resting a lot between rounds. When I got to Luke one of my friends introduced took me through my first workout. I thought I was going to pass out. Much like everyone else, I couldn’t understand how working out for 15-minutes could put me on the floor. I’ve kept coming back ever since.

Favorite WOD – Toss up between Amanda and DT. Yes I love barbells.

Certificates – CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Goals – Sub 3-min Fran and snatching 91kg one day.


Coach Ben


Occupation – Air Force Dentist and arm candy for my wife

JSCF Position – Lead Coach

My CrossFit Story – I started CrossFit at District CrossFit in Washington DC in 2011 after running the Marine Corps Marathon (and struggling).  I wanted to try CrossFit Endurance to improve my half marathon time and 10K times.  I was hooked from the first on-ramp class.   Obsessed was/is the better term.  I am addicted to getting fitter.  I got stronger, faster, leaner and more flexible.  The family atmosphere at any CrossFit box is why I come back – the fitness benefits are great but your box is your second family.   After a few years I decided I wanted to spread the CrossFit way of fitness, so I attended the Level 1 seminar and began coaching.   I love coaching and helping others almost as much as WODing.

 Favorite WOD – Helen

Certificates –  Cross Level 1 Trainer

 Goals – To complete all the Girls Rx.  (and to do a half Iron Man)