Class Schedule

Joint Strike CrossFit Classes:

0530 – Mon-Fri

1600 – Tues and Thurs

Joint Strike CrossFit classes- High intensity functional fitness training. With the ability to modify and scale all workouts. Classes held in the Combat PT center.


Fundamentals Classes:

0730 – Mon, Wed, Fri

1800 – Tues and Thurs

Must complete 12 “Fundamental” classes to advance to “Warrior Training” classes. Participants in the fundamental class must satisfy all requirements before moving to the advance class.




2 thoughts on “Class Schedule

    • Zelia,
      Thanks for the inquiry.
      We are currently working with FSS leadership to reestablish classtimes. Currently, we don’t have any official classes. Right now folks are just getting together in groups to WOD together, usually one of our coaches is there in the morning around 05300 and 1700.
      We figure until we are given the green light for classes, we wanted to give those already experienced in CrossFit good programming to follow.
      Also, we are planning to have an on-ramp course for those new to CrossFit. Again, once approved, we will spread the word here on our website, on our Facebook page and Twitter account.
      Hope to see you soon!
      Coach D


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