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REMINDER: The gym will be closed tomorrow for New Years, so come in today and gets your New Year’s Eve sweat on!!!…and bring in a friend, because…



“Out with the Old, in with the New” Year WOD

In a Team of 2 (one athlete working at a time)


20 Front Squats (115/80)

19 Burpee Over Bar

-3 Min rest, then…


20 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)

20 Toes to Bar

-3 Min rest, then…

For Time:

365 Double Unders

Nice little team WOD to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020!  Reps can be split any way you and your partner want, just only one of you can work at a time.  Yes, you can squat clean into the first front squat coming off the ground.  For the Hang Power Cleans, they can be either high hang or anywhere above the knee.  Just make sure before you begin, you deadlift the bar up to full extension before dipping into the hang.


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 95/65 -> 75/55 -> as needed

Toe2Bar -> Kipping Knee Raise -> Laying Toe2Bar

Double Unders -> 730 Single Unders


Cool Down:

Calf stretch on rig – 1 min per side


Tricep mash – 1 min per side


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The Combat PT Tent will be open normal hours this Monday, Tuesday, and Friday (so there will be a 0530 class). There will be a 1630 class on Tuesday as well.  The gym will be closed on Wednesday, and on Holiday Hours (0900-1700) on Thursday. Please plan accordingly.


The re-test week for our current cycle will begin 6Jan. It will test our 5X5 on Back Squat and Bench Press, as well as see us re-test our Oly 1RMs. This will be a good test to see if all the hard work since late October has paid off!




Every 4 Min for 20 Min:

400M Run

Max reps – Walking Lunge

Score = Total Walking Lunges


Looking to get a nice burn in those legs today!  As you begin to tire, be careful not to drop the knee down fast during a lunge.  Just let the knee barely kiss the ground and then come back up.  The run is almost like the recovery piece, but don’t go too easy on it.  Need as much time to get in as many lunges as possible each round!


Scaling Options:

Run -> 500M Row

Walking Lunge -> Air Squats


Cool Down:

Couch stretch – 2 min per leg


Leg bleeds – 2 min


I call this one the Christmas Cookie Cutting Chipper 🙂



For Time:

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

40 Ab Mat Sit Ups

30 Burpees

20 Dips

10 Man-Makers* (35/25)

20 Pull Ups

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

40 Kettle Bell Swings (53/35)

50 Walking Lunges

Little WOD to work off all The Christmas Cookies 😊

Video courtesy of Reebok CrossFit ONE.

For the Man Makers : Set Up

– Start with two dumbbells, one in each hand, with your body at the top of the push up position


– Pull yourself down into the push up position and push back up, then one arm at a time, pull the dumbbell up to your chest then back down to the ground.

– Then perform a squat clean with the dumbbells in your hands, this movement requires you to perform a full front squat.

– Once your hips fully extend at the top of the front squat, continue pressing with your shoulders to finish the movement with active shoulders supporting the weight overhead


Scaling Options:

Med ball weight -> 14/10 -> as needed

Dips -> dips off box

DB weight -> 25/15 -> as needed

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull Ups

Video courtesy of Not Kris Roe

Box height -> 20/16 -> as needed

KB weight -> 35/25


Cool Down:

Pigeon Pose on box – 2 Min per side


Leg Bleeds – 3 min


Pic courtesy of Quick Meme.  Time to get back at it!…but we’ll ease you back in…



EMOM 25:

Min 1 – Max Cals Row

Min 2 – 25 Goblet Squats (53/35)

Min 3 – Max Reps – Double Unders

Min 4 – 30 Second Hollow Hold

Min 5 – Rest


Score = Cals rowed + Double Unders

Come in and get the body moving around a little!

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Quick demo on Hollow Hold and scales for the movement.


Scaling Options:

DUs – No Scale.  If you do not have Double Unders, the minute will be spent practicing.  You may get your FIRST DU!!!

KB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Hollow hold -> see demo video


Cool Down:

Calf Stretch on Rig – 1 Min per side


Childs Pose – 2 min


With the Combat PT Tent being closed, wanted to give you something to stay active of Christmas Eve…

pic courtesy of GirlOnTheMoveBlog.com




While Watching “Elf”, do the following:

-Whenever some says “Christmas Cheer” – do 5 Air Squats

-Whenever someone references the North Pole – do 10 Jumping Jacks

-Whenever you hear “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins” – hold a 30 Second Plank

-Anytime Buddy consumes sugar – do 3 Lunges (per leg)

-Whenever someone says “Buddy” – do 5 Crunches




Cool Down:

Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow!!!


The Combat PT Tent will be closed 24 and 25 Dec. The gym will be on Holiday hours (0900-1700) on 26 Dec. The gym will be on normal hours Monday and Friday only. Please plan accordingly.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The re-test week for our current cycle will begin 6Jan. It will test our 5X5 on Back Squat and Bench Press, as well as see us re-test our Oly 1RMs. This will be a good test to see if all the hard work since late October has paid off!

With the condensed week, today will be our Annual “12-Day of Barbell” WOD!!!

Pic courtesy of CrossFit Government Island


“The 12 Days Of Barbell”

For Time:

Weight (95/65#)

1 Deadlift

2 Hang Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

4 Shoulder Press

5 Back Squats

6 Push Press

7 Thrusters

8 Squat Cleans

9 Push Jerk

10 Hang Power Snatch

11 Overhead Squat

12 Sumo Deadlift High Pull


This is done “12 Days of Christmas” style.  This means, you start with 1 deadlift.  Then you do 2 hang power cleans, then 1 deadlift.  Then you do 3 front squats, 2 hang power cleans, 1 deadlift…etc until your last set starts with 12 sumo deadlift high pulls, and ends with one deadlift.


Scaling Options:

Bar weight –> as needed, but use the same bar/weight for all movements


Cool Down:

Iron cross – slow and controlled – 5 per leg


Couch stretch – 2 min per leg



For Time:

800M Run

700M Ski Erg

60 Cals Assault Bike

400M Run

350M Ski Erg

30 Cal Assault Bike

200M Run

125M Ski Erg

15 Cal Assault Bike

Little bit longer cardio WOD today.  What strategy will you take?  Will you push the pace hard in the beginning and hope to keep that pace to the end?  Will you start at a more moderate pace, and then pick that pace up as the work gets smaller?  Decisions, decisions…


Scaling Options:

Run -> Row 1000/500/250M, respectively


Cool Down:

Leg Bleeds – 3 min


Frog Stretch – 3 Min



Bench Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Our last time hitting Bench Press this cycle before we re-test our 5X5. This week, we go for a little more muscular endurance.  Higher reps than normal, but still want to push for some good weight.  Remember to keep your shoulder blades glued to the bench throughout the lift.  The second they come off the bench, you roll your shoulders forward and put them in a spot that can easily lead to injury.  We want you strong, not hurt.  Increase weight each set.  The goal is the last rep of every set should be pushing you close to your limit, but not leading to failure.  Choose wisely.


On the 2:00 x 7 Sets:

35 Double Unders

7 Devil’s Press (50/35)

Video courtesy of CrossFit Federal Hill.  Quick demo of Devils Press.  As with any EMOM, if you finish the Dubs and Devils Press before the end of the 2 minutes in a round, the remaining time in that round is rest.


Scaling Options:

DUs -> 70 Single Unders

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed


Cool Down:

Calf Stretch on Rig – 1 Min per side


Doorway Stretch – 1 Min per side



For Time:


Calorie Row

Floor Seated Dumbbell Presses (35/20)

*100′ Dumbbell Walking Lunge (35/20) after each set of DB Strict Press

Video courtesy of Priority Strength.  For the Floor Seated Dumbbell Press, you will sit on the floor with your legs out straight.  Keep your back straight, and DBs on top of your shoulders. From there, press straight up.  Keep your core tight throughout the movement so you avoid tweaking your back

Video courtesy of Fit Life YouTube.  For the DB walking lunge, keep the DBs at the hang position.


Scaling Options:

DB weight -> 25/15 -> As Needed

DB Walking Lunge -> if unable to do with lighter weight, do without DBs


Cool Down:

Banded Bully Stretch – 2 min per side

Video courtesy of Self Holistic Health.  Demo of Banded Bully Stretch


Roll out entire back – 30 passes