NOTE:  The Combat PT tent will be on Holiday Hours today.  No classes scheduled, but come in and get your WOD on!


Pic courtesy of LoveThisPic.com

Feeling a bit full after Thanksgiving?  Come on in and work it off!


“12 Days of Thankfulness”

Done “12-Days” style: – 45 Min cap

1- Ring dip or muscle up

2- HSPUs

3- Power Snatches (135/95)

4- Box jumps (24/20)

5- Burpees

6- Toe2Bar

7- Hang Power Cleans 135/95

8- Ab Mat Sit Ups

9- Hand-Release Push ups

10-Walking Lunges

11-Deadlifts 135/95

12-Cal Assault Bike

Workout flows as follows:1 Ring dip or muscle up , 2 Burpees, 1 Ring dip or muscle up , 3 Front squats , 2 Burpees, 1 Ring dip or muscle up , 4 Box jumps , 3 Front squats , 2 Burpees , 1 Ring dip or muscle up , etc…   Keep to the 45 min cap to avoid folks hurting themselves.  The goal is complete before 45 min, so make sure folks are scaling properly if needed.


Scaling Options:

Ring Dip -> stationary dip -> box dip

HSPUs -> Pike Push Up off box

Bar weight -> as needed, BUT use SAME weight for ALL bar movements

Box height -> as needed

T2B -> hanging knee raise

Ab mat SU-> feet anchored

Hand Rel Push ups -> Push Ups off bench


Cool Down:



Pic courtesy of the 56th FSS.  The 2019 Luke AFB Thunderbolt Cup is underway today!  Due to the event, there will be no classes scheduled.  The below workout is the Combat PT event.  Get with your Thunderbolt Cup rep to make sure you are signed up.



For Time: * 20 Min Time Cap

5 Burpees

34 Cal Row

34 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (50/35)

100M Med Ball Run (20/14)

5 Burpees

56 KB Swings (50/35)

56 Plate Squats (45/25)

100M Med Ball Run (20/14)

5 Burpees

34 Cal Ski Erg

34 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)

100M Med Ball Run (20/14)

5 Burpees


The Litchfield overpass was dedicated to Maj. Troy L. Gilbert Jan. 25 at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. Major Gilbert was killed in Baghdad Nov. 27, 2006. After 14 months of construction, people at Luke AFB can get from one side of the base to the other without ever leaving a gate, now that base officials have opened the overpass crossing Litchfield Road. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Raheem Moore)

Pic courtesy of af.mil Today’s WOD is in honor of former Thunderbolt, Maj Troy L. Gilbert, who died in combat Nov 27th, 2006. Click on the above picture to see the story that the Air Force website ran when the bridge was dedicated to Maj Gilbert.


Scaling Options:

KB weight -> 35/20

Med ball weight -> 14/10

Plate -> 25/15

DB weight -> 35/20


Cool Down:

Leg Bleeds – 3 Min


Thread the needle – 1 min per side



Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch Balance + Hang Squat Snatch




Sets start every 4 min

Video courtesy of Body By Brando.  Third time hitting our Snatch complex for our cycle.  Percentages stay the same, but reps go up, so the time per round jumps up to 4 min each.  To review, one rep consists of a Power Snatch, followed by an Overhead Squat, followed by a snatch balance, and then finally finished with a hang squat snatch.  Be careful when setting the bar on your back for the Snatch Balance.  Don’t knock yourself in the head or land right on the neck.  The bar should land between your traps. The hardest part for most folks will be the Snatch Balance.  Remember, dip, then VIOLENTLY extend the hips.  As you begin to PUNCH the arms overhead, quickly drop to the bottom of a squat.  The goal is to be at the bottom of the squat right as the arms lock out.  As mentioned before, this movement is a great tool to help with timing your squat snatch.


EMOM for 16:

Min 1 – 15 Power Snatches (75/55)

Min 2 – 30 Double Unders

Min 3 – 15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

Min 4 – 100M Suitcase Carry (70/53) *


*Switch hands at the 50M turnaround

Video courtesy of T-Nation.  Quick demo on Suitcase Carry with a KB.  As with any EMOM, any time left over in a given minute once the required work is completed is rest.


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 65/45 -> As needed

DUs -> 60 Single Unders

KB weight -> 53/35 -> as needed


Cool Down:

Calf Stretch on the Rig – 1 Min per side


Banded Bully stretch –  1 Min per side


Video courtesy of the Luke AFB Facebook Page.  Have you signed up for the 2019 Thunderbolt Cup?!  Events go down on Wednesday!  The Combat PT tent will host the Combat Fitness Event.  Get signed up and be ready to do work!!!



2-Sec Pause Back Squat


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Our third time hitting Pausing Back Squats!   The rets drop to 3, so goal is to go heavier than the 3X5 week. Descend into the bottom of a Back Squat.  Once the crease of your hips is below your knees, hold that position.  Don’t let your body sink down.  Keep tension and remain still for the 2-second count (one-one thousand, two-one thousand).  Then, shoot UP out of the squat.  It will be VERY important to keep tension in your legs, and tightness in your core so you can come up with speed.  Increase weight every set.  The goal is to use a weight where the last rep of every set is super hard!



200 Meter Run

2 Rounds of Strict “Cindy”


“Strict Cindy”: 5 Strict Pull-ups, 10 Hand Release Push-ups, 15 Air Squat

Fight the urge to kip/do any body movement other than pulling with the back and arms to get your chin above the bar on the pullups.  No momentum on those reps.  Keep them strict!


Scaling Options:

Run -> 250M Row each

Strict Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull ups -> Ring Rows

Hand Rel Push ups -> Push Ups off bench

Air Squats -> to depth


Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 Min per side


Bicep Stretch on rig – 1 min per side

Video courtesy of CrossFit Invictus.  Quick demo of the bicep stretch on the rig



One Mile run – Cut Off 10 min


5 Min break, then, start WOD

Small test to kick off today.  Time to see how good your running is coming.  If you know your mile time is nowhere close to 10 min, scale the distance.  You will have at least 5 minutes to recover prior to hitting the WOD.

There will be two routes folks can take.  Route 1, Hang out left out of the tent, going west down Shooting Star St, hang a right on Fighter Country Ave, follow the right curve onto Jerstad Ln, go through the intersection at Mustang St, and turn around right before the parking lot behind the FW headquarters building. And head back to the tent.

Route 2 would be to hang a right out of the tent, head east on Shooting Star St, turn left on 139th, turn left on Phantom, then right on N 2nd/Bong Ln.  Take Bong Ln to the intersection with Eagle Street, then turn around and head back.  If you get back prior to the 10 min cut off, then that is extra rest time you’ll get (pics below courtesy of MapMyRun.com)




On the 3:00 for 6 Rounds:

12 American KB Swing (70/53)

12 Goblet Squats (70/53)

50′ Suitcase Carry (L-Hand)

50′ Suitcase Carry (R-Hand)


Scaling Options:

Run -> 2K Row -> 3 Mile Assault Bike

KB weight -> 53/35 -> 35/25 -> As needed


Cool Down:

Pigeon Pose – 1 min per side


Roll out forearms



Bench Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Second time hitting Bench Press this cycle. Sets go down, so look to go heavier than thee 5X5 week.  Remember to keep your shoulder blades glued to the bench throughout the lift.  The second they come off the bench, you roll your shoulders forward and put them in a spot that can easily lead to injury.  We want you strong, not hurt.  Increase weight each set.  The goal is the last rep of every set should be pushing you close to your limit, but not leading to failure.  Choose wisely…



Cal Ski Erg

Push Ups


Directly into…



Pull Ups

Cal Assault Bike



12 Min Time Cap

Back to back 21-15-9s with a time cap!  Even if you feel super-fresh in the first part, don’t hit too big of chunks early on, as you want to have something in the tank when you tackle that last triplet!


Scaling Options:

Push Ups -> Off Bench

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull Ups


Cool Down:

Scorpion pose – 2X30 sec hold per side


Doorway Stretch – 1 Min per side



For Time:

50-40-30-20-10: Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

25-20-15-10-5: Calorie Row

10-8-6-4-2: Deadlifts (275/185)

50-40-30-20-10: Double Unders


Just rowing and doing deadlifts didn’t sound like it would be that fun, so why not toss “Annie” inside this WOD? 😊 Try to keep the rest at a minimum between movements!


Scaling Options:

Ab mat Sit Ups -> feet anchored

Bar weight -> 225/160 -> 185/130 -> As needed

Double Unders 100-80-60-40-20 Single Unders, respectively


Cool Down:

Calf Stretch on Rig – 1 min per side


Back extension on GHD – 3X15



Power Clean + Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat




+ 1 Jerk at the end of ea set.


Sets start every 3 min

Video courtesy of Adal Zurita.  :    Second time hitting our Clean Complex, so %’s go up!  To review, one rep in our Clean Complex in this cycle will consist of: 1 Power Clean, followed by 1 Squat Clean, followed by a Hang Squat Clean, finished with a Front Squat.  At the end of each set, perform 1 Jerk after the Front Squat.  Remember, this jerk is done at the end of each SET, not end of each REP.  During the cycle, the goal is to hold onto the bar through the whole complex. Once you finish the Power Clean, bring the bar to the ground.  From there, without letting go of the bar, reset your back and feet and make sure you are in the right position to go into a Squat Clean.  Once you finish the Squat Clean, bring the bar to the hang, don’t let it go to the ground.  From here, take a breath, and then complete a Hang Squat Clean.  Once you stand up all the way after the Hang Squat Clean, complete one final Front Squat.  You can put the bar down between reps.



1 Handstand Push Up

1 Power Snatch (115/80)

2 Handstand Push Up

2 Power Snatch (115/80)

3 Handstand Push Up

3 Power Snatch (115/80)

Up by (1) rep until finish

A fun climbing AMRAP to close out the day!  Don’t try to sprint the early sets.  Rather, find your pace and maintain it every round today.  As the reps get higher, know the proper time to break up the HSPUs.  You should NEVER hit a fail point. Try to come off the wall before your shoulders tire out.  This will allow quicker recovery and allow you to get back on the wall quicker.


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 95/65 -> As needed

HSPUs -> Pike Push Ups* -> Hand Release Push Up

Video courtesy of NorCal CrossFit.  Demo of the Pike Push up off a box.


Cool Down:

Banded Bully Stretch – 1 Min per side


Iron Cross (slow and controlled) x 10


pic courtesy of LukeEvents.com  The 2019 Luke Thunderbolt Cup is upon us!  And this year, we will have an event in the Combat PT Tent.  Sign up with your respective Squadron!



3 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

15 Cal Row

400 Meter Run

15 Cal Ski Erg

400 Meter Run

15 Cal Assault Bike


45 Min time cap

Today will be a constant=-moving cardio burn!  Goal is to have a good, but constant speed on your 400M runs, but try to go for mini sprints on the cal work. Do that, and you will make the time cap!


Scaling Options:

Run -> 500M Row each


Cool Down:

Frog Stretch – 2 Min

Video courtesy of SOFlete.  Demo of the Frog Stretch


Thread the Needle pose – 1 min per side

Video courtesy of Group HIIT.  Demo of Thread The Needle Pose