Ed last WOD

Thank you all who came out to wish Ed safe travels and give him one last awesome WOD!



Front Squat





* % based off 2RM, set 22June

Keep elbows high, don’t let the upper back round, and avoid knees caving in.



Bear Complex

5 rounds of Bear (7 reps of Power Clean/Front Squat/Push Press/Back Squat/Back Push Press)


Increase weight ea round

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ. Goal is to NOT let the bar do more than a touch and go on the ground until all 7 reps are done per set.  That said, if you need to rest somewhere during the set, as long as you keep the weight off the ground, you’re fine (meaning, you can rest with the bar in the front rack position, overhead, or back squat rack position)




ed going away WOD

Today we say goodbye to JSCF original.  Luke’s own Captain (technically, Maj) America, Coach Ed.

Please come to the 0530 class for a special goodbye WOD in Ed’s honor.




“Thank You Ed”

For Time:


56 Double Under Cash In (if it takes longer than 2 minutes then do another 56 double unders as penalty at the end of the WOD)


4 Rounds:

9  Hang power cleans (185/125)

11 Burpees over KB

6 Deficit HSPU (45/25)

26 Pull ups

15 Alternating weighted pistols (35/25). Hold KB on chest


354M Row*


*(10 burpee penalty for every 10 meters over 354)

Do all Burpees after the 4th round.



We will not have classes this Thurs or Fri in observance of the 4th of July weekend.  We will still post WODs for those wishing to do it on their own, but no official classes on those two days.


ed and family

REMINDER: Today will be Coach Ed’s last day coaching.  AND, Monday @0530 will be his going away WOD.  Fill the class!


Floor Press

Set 2RM

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Prior to going for 2RM, do sets of 5, 5, 4, 3 before going for sets of 2



For Time:

Cash In: 30 Hand Release Push-Ups


Four rounds of:

35 Double-unders

Run 200 meters


Cash Out: 30 Hand Release Push-Ups


A steady rhythm wins this one.  Good fast speed on HRPU, then steady on the rounds so you don’t burn out, then balls to the wall on the last HRPUs!

Scale options:

Hand Release Push-Ups – on knees (up only)

Double-Unders – 2:1 Single-Unders and MUST do 5 min Double-Under work after WOD

200M run – 250M row


Ed going away

The above is a good shot of Coach Ed and his regular 0530 crew.  For those that don’t know, Ed’s last day of coaching will be this Friday and his going away WOD will be Monday, 29June at 0530.  So, please fill up the Friday class as well as Monday’s to say goodbye to an awesome coach!


Make up M/T/W



Snatch High Pull


As heavy as possible

Video courtesy of Paradiso CrossFit




15 Burpee to Plate 45/25

15 Plate to Ground-to-Overhead

15 Cal Row

Post score to Comments


Video courtesy of Wally Jones.

For Burpee to Plate, keep hands on plate as you put it on the ground, drop chest to plate, then stand all the way back up, while holding the plate.  Don’t need to go overhead like in the video.


Video courtesy of CrossFit Birmingham

Plate G2OH – Some part of the plate touches the ground at the bottom, arms, hips, knees fully locked out at top w/plate OH.



jessie-burdick sumopic and video courtesy of Supertraining.tv


Sumo Deadlift

Set 2RM

Prior to going for 2RM, do sets of 5, 5, 4, 3 before going for sets of 2

Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick hit up some pulls (obviously, we won;t be doing ours with resistance bands…but if we had a deadlift platform int he tent, that’d be cool….). Bell gives you the run down on how to pull and how important a neutral head position can be. Remember kids back flat and hips lower then your shoulders.



For Time:

20 Pull Ups

15 Squat Cleans 155/115

10 Deficit (45/25 plate under each hand, nothing under your head) Hand Stand Push Ups

-3 min Rest

10 Pull Ups

10 Squat Cleans

5 Deficit Hand Stand Push Ups

-2 min Rest

5 Pull Ups

5 Squat Cleans

5 Deficit Hand Stand Push Ups

Score = total time minus 5 minutes


Scale options:
Squat Cleans – 75% of 1RM
Deficit HSPU -reg HSPU or /w 1 ab mat under head
Pull Ups – ring rows, with 5 min pull up practice after WOD


With the built in rest periods, treat the WOD as 3 SPRINTS!  So, finish (with good form) as fast as possible since you will have a chance to catch your breath before going again.



Push Press

Set 2RM

Hands just outside the shoulders, elbows up, feet hip width apart, weight in the heels, dip-drive-press, and lock out with active shoulders. With multiple reps, use stretch reflex to go right into next rep. (Absorb the shock of the bar when it makes contact with your shoulders by bending the knees, which is the start of the next rep, so then drive up, open hips and launch weight back up). Watch from 1:19. Video courtesy of CrossFitHQ



For time

3 Power Snatch 155/105 (or 80%1rm)


4 Power Snatch

600M Run

5 Power Snatch


For the snatch weight, it should be heavy (hence 80% of 1RM if scaling).  IF you don’t have a 1RM, and you have to scale, find a weight that you can handle for 6-7 reps with no more than a touch, reset, and go between reps in WU.



Front Squat

Set 2RM

Video courtesy of CrossFit One.

Prior to going for 2RM, do sets of 5, 5, 4, 3 before going for sets of 2.  Elbows High!  Don’t let the knees cave in!  Tall Chest!  Move Weight!

Post 2RM to Comments

Set Up
– Execute the Front Squat using all points of performance found in the Air Squat while racking the bar in the ‘front rack’ position
– Finding the ‘front rack’ — use a PVC pipe or broomstick to focus on technique
– Hands are outside the shoulders
– Pinch the bar (PVC or broomstick) in your finger and thumbs (loose finger tip grip) and place on shoulders
– The bar should be resting on the shoulders while the hands ‘baby-sit’ the bar (balance the bar) resting on the fingertips
– Lift your elbows so they are parallel to the floor

– Follow execution for the Air Squat while maintaining high elbows (parallel to the floor) throughout the entire movement



5 rounds

30 walking lunges

20 push ups

10 box jumps (24/20)


Goal – keep the body moving the whole time!



Bench Press




Max Reps@ 65%

*%based off 2RM


Processed with Rookie

pic courtesy of Mirrorfriendly.com

Please avoid the suicide grip.  Should the bar slip, there is nothing preventing it from rolling off the hand and crashing into your body.  Remember; pain hurts, but stupid pain hurts and leaves stupid injuries.  Wrap. Your. Thumb.



“Air Force”

For all weight movements, RX’d will be 95/65

For Time: *

20 Thrusters

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

20 Push Jerks

20 Overhead Squats

20 Front Squats


*At the beginning of every minute, you must do 4 burpees.


20 min time cap

Post time to Comments


Video courtesy of Greg Morales.  This video was for the 2010 CrossFit Games Midwest Sectional (this was pre-CrossFit Open).  These guys left it all out there!





Make up M/T/W Or…

Clean High Pull


As heavy as possible

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  The clean high-pull is a variation of the clean pull involving a more active upper body.


For Time:

30 Burpee Box Jumps(24/20)

500M Row

15 Burpee Box Jumps

1K Row

15 Burpee Box Jumps

500M Row

30 Burpee Box Jumps







Max Reps@65%


*%based off 2RM


3 Rounds:

10 Hang Squat Cleans (165/115)

20 Pull Ups

30 Double Unders


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Coach Bergener walking his daughter, Sage through the finer points of a hang squat clean.  Remember, hang is anything above the knee. High hang is bar right around pocket height.  Depending on your profeciency for the movement, pick the version you want to use, just make sure you catch the bar at the bottom of a front squat, and then stand with knees and hips fully extended before dropping the bar down.  Smart money would say hold onto the bar through all the hang clean reps, otherwise you have the extra movement of picking up the bar from the ground, standing up fully, before going into your next rep.