The Litchfield overpass was dedicated to Maj. Troy L. Gilbert Jan. 25 at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. Major Gilbert was killed in Baghdad Nov. 27, 2006. After 14 months of construction, people at Luke AFB can get from one side of the base to the other without ever leaving a gate, now that base officials have opened the overpass crossing Litchfield Road. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Raheem Moore)

Pic courtesy of af.mil Today’s WOD is in honor of former Thunderbolt, Maj Troy L. Gilbert, who died in combat Nov 27th, 2006. Click on the above picture to see the story that the Air Force website ran when the bridge was dedicated to Maj Gilbert.




Teams of Two Complete the Following:

Partner 1-34 Cal Row/Partner 2-34 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (50/35), then switch and repeat

200M run w/med ball (together) (20/14)

P1-56 KB Swings (50/35)/P2-56 Plate Squats (45/25), then switch and repeat

200M Run w/med ball (20/14)

P1-34 Cal Ski Erg/P2-34 KB SDHP (50/35), then switch and repeat

200M Run w/med ball (20/14)

P1-56 KBS (50/35)/P2-56 Plate Squats (45/25), then switch and repeat

200M Run w/med ball (20/14)

20 Synchronized Burpees as a team

*20 Min Time Cap


Today’s WOD honors one of Luke’s own.   These exercises are movements to reflect on elements of Maj Troy Gilbert’s life; his assignment to the 56 FW (56 squats/kettlebell swings), his age at the time of death 34 (34 calorie row/ski erg/KBSDHP), his 5 children (5 exercises) and his 2 strafe passes (2 movements at each station).

This is a partner WOD (teams of two).  It starts with partner 1 performing a 34 Cal row while partner 2 completes 34 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls.  Once both athletes finish, they switch places and repeat.  Once both finish that, they will then take off for a partner 200M run with a med ball.  During the run, the partners can pass the med ball back and forth as needed.  Once both have returned to the gym, they move to part 2, doing the same break out as before, one partner performing one move while the other performs the second move, once both finish, they switch places and repeat, then go out for another 200M partner med ball run.  When they get to part 5, they will perform synchronized burpees.

So, for the burpees to count, both athletes’ chests have to make contact on the ground before they can come up.

There is a 20 min time cap to this WOD.



Scaling Options:

KB weight -> 35/25 ->25/15


Plate weight -> 35/15 ->25/10


Med ball weight ->14/10


Cool Down:

Roll out T-Spine – 15 passes


Push up to Downward Dog (slow) x 10

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