Handstand work:

Spend 10 minutes working on progressions to Handstand Push ups or handstand walk.  Or add up total distance in HS walk in 10 min

Video courtesy of Technique WOD.  If kicking up into a handstand is something you need work on, try these drills


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  If you are able to get up on a wall and need work on Handstand Push Up efficiency, try these drills


Videos courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  If your HSPUs are good to go and you need work on Handstand Walks, try these drills.

If you have Handstand Walks, then your goal over the 10 minutes is to cover as much ground upside down.  Does not have to be unbroken.



Death by Air Squat and Burpees

Every Minute On the Minute until failure*:

2 Air Squats

1 Burpee


*Every minute increase Air Squats by 2 and Burpees by 1

Ah, “death by” WODs.  They always feel super easy but by about the 10 min mark, they hurt.  So, this one starts with 2 air squats and 1 burpee right as the clock starts.  You then rest the remainder of that first minute.  Then, at the top of minute 2, perform 4 air squats and 2 burpees, then rest the remainder of the minute.  Then, at the top of the third minute, perform 6 air squats and 3 burpees.  Each minute, you add 2 air squats and 1 burpee to your minute total.  If a minute comes where you cannot perform the required amount of reps in the minute (Ex, on minute 12, I only get through the 24 air squats, but only get to rep 8 of my burpees as the minute ends), you are done. Whoever makes it the farthest is the winner.  Goal to keep making every minute, good technique so you don’t waste any movement.  If you squat is sloppy, you end up exerting more energy trying to recover body position.  Same goes for burpees.


Scaling Options:



Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 min per leg


Banded bully stretch – 1 min per side

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