REMINDER:  The Combat PT Tent will be on Holiday hours Thursday and Friday this week.  Please plan accordingly.  No classes are planned that day, but post on our Facebook page if you plan on going, so others can join in



“Strongman Day”


2 min rounds of work w/1 min rest for 24 minutes:


Farmers carry – 53/35 max reps of 50’ walks


Tires Flips – max reps of 25’


D-ball – max reps of over the shoulder (50/35)


Sled push – max reps of 50’ (90/70)

All Strongman, All Day!!!  Fun day to practice some Strongman moves.  So, you will work for 2 minutes on one station, have a one minute break before moving on to the next station. This will continue for 24 minutes, meaning you’ll hit each station six times.

video courtesy of ShapeFit and the good people at CrossFit Hyde Park.  Quick demo on farmer walks.


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Quick refresher on tire flip technique


video courtesy of Dave Levey.  Two variations of D-Ball to over the shoulder.




Scaling Options:

KB weight -> as needed


Tire flips -> lighter tire or two-person flips


D-Ball weight -> as needed


Sled push weight -> as needed


Cool Down:

Roll out forearms – 10 passes per side


Roll out back

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