50 Single Unders

25 L-Leg Single Unders

25 R-Leg Single Unders

30 Alt Single Unders

20 Double Unders or 5 attempts

1 Min calf stretch per side

10 Cobra to downward dog

10 Hollow Rocks


“Annie’s on the Run”

For Time:

50 Double Unders, 50 Sit-ups, 200 Meter Run

40 Double Unders, 40 Sit-ups, 200 Meter Run

30 Double Unders, 30 Sit-ups, 200 Meter Run

20 Double Unders, 20 Sit-ups, 200 Meter Run

10 Double Unders, 10 Sit-ups, 200 Meter Run

Taking a classic CrossFit Benchmark and adding running to it!  Because, why not?! 😊    Use the run as a slight recovery and then attack the DUS and sit ups.


Scaling Options:

DUs -> Penguin Hops -> 2:1 SU ratio -> Jumping Jacks

Video courtesy of WOD Prep.  Demo of Penguin Hops

Sit Ups -> Feet anchored

Run -> 250M Row -> 1 Min of cardio


Cool Down:

Calf Stretch on wall/rig – 2 X 1 Min per side


Cobra Pose – 2 Min

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