High Knees 30’ and back

Butt kickers 30’ and back

Side shuffle 30’ and back

Toe walk 30’

Heel walk 30’

5 Min warming up on jump rope


1 Round:

800M Run

80 Double Unders

Right into…

2 Rounds:

400M Run

40 Double Unders

Right Into…

3 Rounds:

200M Run

20 Double Unders

Video courtesy of Train FTW.  Some good progression for getting those Double Unders down.

All cardio day!  Keep a smooth pace on the run, and attack the rope to make this one fly by!



Scaling Options:

Run -> 1000/500/250M row, respectively -> 4/2/1 min or cardio in the round, respectively


DUs -> 160/80/40 Single Unders, respectively -> Penguin Hops -> Bunny Hops


Cool Down:

Heel cord mash – 2 min per side


Pigeon Pose – 1 Min per side

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