Pic courtesy of The CrossFit Games.  That’s right! The 2020 CrossFit Worldwide Open begins the Thursday!  It will be 5 weeks, with the WOD being released on Thursdays.  Whatever is released will be our WOD for that Friday.  Come test your fitness with the rest of the world, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!  If you are new to the Open, please talk to one of the coaches for details or click on the above pic.


EMOM 20:

Odd – 8 Back-rack Lunges (115/80)

Even – 3 Bear Complexes* (115/80)


* 1 Bear Complex = 1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat, 1 Behind-The-Neck Push Press

Video courtesy of Unbroken.  In today’s WOD, the lunges can be done walking style, in-place stepping forward, or in-place stepping backwards.  Up to you.  Just keep the bar on your back.

For the Bear complex, 1 Rep = 1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat, 1 BTN Push Press.  You can combine the Front Squat and Push Press into a Thruster, and you can combine the Back Squat and BTN Push Press into a BTN Thruster


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 95/65 -> 75/55 -> As needed (Elite: jump up to 135/95) – Should be able to do lunges unbroken


Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 Min per side


Oly Wall Sit – 2 min

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