Front Squat


Increase weight ea set

Compare to 9Aug

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Let’s finish re-test week with a big jump in weight on your Front Squat 5X5!!!  If you’ve been hitting the Front Squats each time over the last 9 weeks, you should see an improvement.


6 Rounds:

In a 2 Minute Window, Complete:

12/9 Calorie Assault Bike

9 DB Push Press (50/35)

Max Wallballs (20/14)

*Rest 30 seconds between rounds


Score = Total Wall Ball shots

So, think of the Assault Bike and DB Push Press as your cash-in each round.  SPRINT through those so you have time to get as many Wall Balls in before the end of each round.  Go hard, as you get a quick rest between each round.


Scaling Options:

DB weight -> 35/25 -> As needed

Med ball weight -> 14/12 -> as needed


Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 min per leg


Childs Pose – 2 min

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