Front Squat


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Second time hitting Front Squats in our cycle.   With the sets decreasing to 3 instead of 5, aim to go heavier in your work sets.



Alt Jumping Lunges

Ab Mat Sit Ups

Pull Ups

In the pull ups, unless you are a Gymnastics ninja, break these up into manageable chunks to avoid failure.

Video courtesy of Paradiso CrossFit.  Quick demo on Jumping Lunges.  And yes, each lunge is a rep, so in the first round, you’ll do 21 lunges per leg.


Scaling Options:

Jumping Lunges -> Step-back Lunges

Ab mat sit ups -> Feet anchored

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull Ups

Video courtesy of NotKrisRoe


Cool Down:

Pigeon pose – 2 min per side


Cobra pose – 2 min

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