Sumo Deadlift


Increase weight ea set

Videos courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Again, our pulling movement this cycle will be Sumo Deadlift.  On each rep, think of trying to get your hips under the bar as you set up.  Once you feel total tension in the hips and butt, lift!  This week, the sets decrease, so try to go heavier per set compared to the 5X5 week.


EMOM 24:

Min 1 – 15 Toe2Bars

Min 2 – 15/12 Cal Row

Min 3 – 10 HSPUs

Min 4 – 12/9 Cal Ski Erg

As with any EMOM, any time left over in a given minute will be rest.  If you hit a minute where you are not able to complete the work in that given minute, scale back the next time you come back to that movement.


Scaling Options:

Toe2Bar -> Kipping Knee Raise

HSPUS -> Pike Push Up


Cool Down:

2×12 Slow/controlled back extensions


Banded bully Stretch – 2 min per side

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