Floor Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ. Tex McQuilkin demos the Floor Press during a CrossFit Football course.  Our Pressing Movement for this cycle will be the Floor Press.  This is an awesome Bench variation if you are in a gym with limited numbers of benches.  Many of the same rules for Bench apply here: Keep shoulder blades connected to the surface below you.  Let the elbows drop straight down (not at an angle), and keep the but planted at all times.  You can have the legs completely straight, or bend the knees so your feet are flat on the ground.  Either team up and have your partner deadlift the bar into position every set, or do these out of the rack


3 Rounds For Time:

200M Sandbag Run (40/25)

15 Sandbag Burpee Clean to Shoulder to OH (40/25)

Video courtesy of Cleveland Area Rucking Crew.  Going a little different today and busting out the Sandbags!  For the sandbag run, carry the bag any way you like. For the Sandbag burpee, each rep starts in the hang position, you then drop down and perform a push up on your bag, jump the feet up, set you back, and perform a clean , then get the bag from Shoulder to OH any way you choose (press, push press, or push jerk)


Scaling Options:

Sandbag -> 20/10# med ball


Cool Down:

Tricep mash – 1 min per side


Roll out T-Spine

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