Let’s have a big showing to say good bye to Coach Juan Ortiz today with a nice 2-fer dedication WOD! 



“Coach Juan”


Bench Press (Climbing)

250M Row after each set


Rest 5 Min, then



Deadlift (315/220)

Cal on Ski Erg


Jumps on Bench Press weight should be 10-20 pounds

Score = Two separate Scores.  Total Time and Highest Bench Weight

On the Bench today, look to make 10-20 pound jumps ea set.  Ex: Guys bench weight: 135/155/175/195/215, women’s bench weight: 95/105/115/125/135.  Go by what you can handle as the goal is to not have to break more than once per set.


Scaling Options:

Deadlift weight -> 275/195 -> 225/155 -> as needed (shoot for 75% of 1RM) (Or 365/255 for Elite)


Cool Down:

Tricep Stretch on Rig


Hang from Pull up rig – 3 min of hang time

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