Every 3 Min for 10 Rounds:

1 Power Clean

3 Front Squats


Start @ 60% of Clean 1RM and Increase weight ea round

Each 3 Min Round will consist of 1 Power Clean, then 3 Front Squats, unbroken, meaning, if you put the bar down anytime before you finish the 3 Front Squats, you start back over at the Power Clean.  The goal here is to start light (looking to start at 60% of you Clean 1RM if you have one) and then making jumps every round.  Wit the rounds being three minutes a piece, you will have plenty of recovery time, so make these heavy!


Scaling Options:

If unable to Front Squat, hold in Power Clean Catch position for 30 seconds per round (go off clock, not counting in your head)


Cool Down:

Tricep mash – 2 Min per side


Couch Stretch – 3 min per side

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