Segmented Clean Deadlift

(3 pauses: 2” off ground, right above the knee, high hang)




Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Second time with our segmented Clean Deadlifts.   We segment it by pausing two seconds at 2 inches off the ground, right above the knee, and at the high hang (pockets) prior to standing all the way up  Remember to keep the chest up like a clean set up prior to the lift, and keep shoulder in front of the bar until the final extension.


Sandbag WOD:

Using a 40/25# sandbag, complete 3 Rounds:

120′ Sand bag Bear crawl*

30 Sandbag box step ups (24/20)

20 Burpee Over Sand bag

Video courtesy of Experience Life Mag.  Quick demo on the sandbag bear crawl.


Scaling Options:

Sand bag -> as needed, or use light med ball


Cool Down:

Couch stretch – 3 min per side


GHD Back Extensions -3 sets of 20

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