Strongman Day!

5 Min per station (1 Min rest between) for max reps:


Sled Push (Four 45# plates for men, 3 for ladies)

30′ section = 1 rep


Slam Ball – Ground to over Shoulder



KB Farmer Carry (70/53 per hand)

30′ section = 1 Rep


Tire Flip

30′ section = 1 Rep

Video courtesy of Dave Levey.  Either technique for slam/sand ball ground to over shoulder is acceptable.


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Quick demo on tire flips.



Scaling Options:

Sled push -> 3 plates/2plates -> as needed

Slam ball -> 40/25 -> as needed

KB weight -> as needed

Tire flip -> do as team of 2 or 3


Cool Down:

Roll out everything

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