Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Our final time hitting deadlifts before we re-test our 5X5.  Today, the goal is to finish with a heavy single.  If it is a 1RM, cool.  If not, as long as it is heavy for you today.  KEEP GOOD FORM.  Take about 2-2.5 minutes between singles.


Tabata KB: weight=53/35

8 Rounds of :20 work, :10 rest of the following movements:

-KB Swings

-Burpee over KB

-Goblet Squats

-KB Halos


Score = total reps

For today’s WOD, you will do the 8 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for KB swings, then after the last set of KB swings, take the 10 seconds rest, then go into 8 sets for Burpee over KB.  Do this for the next two movements as well.

Video courtesy of Onnit.

The Halo is a magnificent blend of strength and mobility. It puts your shoulders through a large range of motion while incorporating your upper back as well. Ideally this movement should be use with light to moderate weight with the focus on performing it smoothly and with the intention of building strong, injury-resistant shoulders.


Step 1: Two hand clean a kettlebell to a bottom’s up position


Step 2: Pulling your shoulder blades down and retracting your scaps bring the kettlebell around your head bringing it back to the starting position


Step 3: The kettlebell should travel close to your head without coming into contact with it


Tips and Safety: Perform this movement slowly to avoid slamming your head. Make sure you are not compensating for limited range of motion by moving your head to make the exercise easier. Maintain tension in your core to avoid leaning back with the weight overhead

Scaling Options:

KB weight -> as needed, but use same KB throughout all movements


Cool Down:

Doorway stretch – 1 min per side


Roll out back

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