Bench Press


Increase weight ea set

video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Mark Bell going over some of the finer points of a successful set up and execution of a Bench Press.  This will be our Push movement for this cycle.  Goal in this week is to increase weight on each set of 5 that you perform.



Min 1 – 10/8 Cals Ski Erg

Min 2 – 15 Supine Ring Rows

Min 3 – 5 Renegade Rows (35/25)


Couple movements we haven’t seen in a while…

Supine Ring Row (video courtesy of Dayton Strength and Conditioning:

And Renegade Rows (video courtesy of The Run Experience):

So, one rep for Renegade Rows = one rep equals DB row on left arm, DB row on right arm, do one push up (body touches dumbbells).


Scaling Options:

Supine Ring Row -> Ring Row at angle

DB weight -> as needed


Cool Down:

Doorway Stretch – 2 min per side


Roll out lats

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