3 Rounds:

600M Run

10 Toe2Bars

45 Double Unders

1 Min Plank Hold

100 ft Bear Crawl

10 Pull Ups

500M Row


A little longer WOD that will push the cardio and bodyweight control.  On the plank, it MUST be a minute of holding a plank (on forearms).  Have athletes watch the clock during plank.  If they drop before their minute finishes, their minute of plank is paused, and they start back up where they left off (ex: I start at the 4:00 min mark and drop at 4:30.  I still have 30 sec of planking to complete.  I start back up at 4:45, but drop again at 5:00.  I still need to complete 15 more seconds of planking. I start back at 5:13, and go until 5:28.  I am now done with my minute of planking).


Scaling Options:

Run -> 750M Row

Toe2Bar -> K2E -> Hanging Knee Raise

DUs->DU attempts through 60 rope contacts

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull Ups



Cool Down:

Cobra pose – 2 min hold


Calf stretch on rig – 2 min per

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