“Tabata Mash: The Frannie Mix Tape”

Tabata Thrusters (95/65)*

1 min break

Tabata Pull ups

1 Min break

Tabata Double-Unders

1 Min Break

Tabata Ab Mat Sit Ups


Score = total reps


*Tabata = 8 rounds of 20 sec work, 10 sec rest.  So, do all sets of Thrusters before going to Pull Ups, and all sets of pull ups before going to dubs, then all sets of dubs before going to ab mat sit ups.

As you will read in the Scaling section, there is no scaling on Double Unders today.  For those who do not have DUs, the reason is, we want to take today to practice getting the technique down.  So, you get eight 20-second working sets to attempt to get some DUs in.  Go for it!


Compare results to 2Nov2015


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> as needed.  Should be the weight you use for Fran

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull Ups


DUs -> no scale, if you do not have DUs, today you will get 8 rounds of 20 sec practice

Ab mat sit ups -> feet anchored


Cool Down:

2 min of alternating downward dog/cobra 20 sec holds



Heel cord mash with bar – 2 min per

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