Video courtesy of The CrossFit Games.  The 2018 CrossFit Open starts NEXT WEEK!!!!  If you want to register, go on the Games website and do so.  Put “Joint Strike CrossFit” in as your affiliate.  Also, for all you military, EMTs, police officers, and firefighters, make sure you hit the right check boxes to be in the Service Open as well!

This year’s Open is a little more special for a different reason.  This year, CrossFit will be doing the release of 18.4 on 15 March at CrossFit Fury, in Goodyear.  Right after the Right after the Open show, they will cut over to p\our location and have a special running of the WOD with military members from the area.  How awesome is that!  If you want to help out or compete on that event, talk to Coach Sherri.


10 min AMRAP:

8 Burpees

8 Box Jumps (24/20)


4 min Rest


10 min AMRAP:

10 Ab Mat Sit Ups

10 Handstand Push Ups


Scaling Options:

BJ -> 20/14


HSU -> Pike Push Ups

Video courtesy of Jason Khalipa.  PLEASE WATCH if you are scaling to Pike Push Ups.  Far too often, I have seen folks attempt Pike Pushups and they turn into really bad versions of decline push ups.  Please notice the body positioning as well as where the body moves from beginning to end.  #MoveBetter


Cool Down:

Down Dog to Cobra X 20


Heel Cord Mash x 2 min per side

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