Sumo Deadlift



Increase weight ea set


4 Sets of:

 1:00 Handstand Hold with chest facing wall

 1:00 L-Sit Hold*

 1:00 Squat Isometric Hold(bottom of squat)


L-Sit Hold Demo*

This video shows both the RX version of the L-sit, done on plates, as well as the legs tucked scale.

For the handstand hold, goal is to walk up on the wall until your chest is touchingthe wall.  IF you are not able to, either walk up the wall as far as you can, or go to pike push up hold


Scaling Options:

HS Hold-> Pike Push up hold

L-Sit –knees bent

Squat hold -> to target depth


Cool Down:

Reverse Hyper ext – 3×20


Roll out back – 3 min


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