8 box step ups

6 cobra to downward dog

15-sec dead-hang on rig

5 scap pull ups

5/5 single-arm KB deadlifts

5/5 single arm KB Russian swings

3 KB Snatch per side


EMOM 20:

Min 1 – 12 KB Snatch (6 per arm) 55/35

Min 2 – 10 Toe2Bar

Min 3 – 10 Single DB Box Step Overs (50/35)

Min 4 – 8 Strict Pull Ups

Videos courtesy of The Nationals and Rogue Fitness, respectively.  Quick demos on the DB box step overs and the KB Snatch. Little bit of a longer EMOM today to get some proficiency on some moves we don’t see that often.  With the KB Snatch, do all 6 on one arm before switching arms.  On the box step overs, hold the DB any way you want, and you only need to get on and over the box.  No need to lock out the legs at the top.

Scaling Options:

KB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Toe2Bar -> Alt Single Leg Toe2Bar -> kipping knee raise -> strict knee raise

DB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Strict pull ups -> banded pull ups -> Buddha Pull ups

Cool Down:

Cobra pose – 2 min


Kneeling shoulder stretch on box – 2 min

Video courtesy of Train FTW


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