10 Cal Bike

Bear crawl 30’

Reverse bear crawl 30’

Stiff leg bear crawl 30’

Walking lunge 30’

10 Squat2Stands

2 wall walks

20 sec handstand hold

Barbell warmup: With an empty bar perform 5 reps of: Good mornings, Kang Squats, move bar to hang and ensure clean grip, and get 5 RDLs, 5 Clean pulls


Clean Pull


Increase weight ea set

Videos courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.

Our pulling movement this cycle will help us with our Clean & Jerks.  We’re working Clean Pulls!!!  What we are looking for is setting up each rep like you’re about to hit a heavy clean.  So, butt down, chest up.  Stay patient with the pull off the floor, as you get past the knee, start picking up the pace, then when the bar hits mid-thing, EXPLODE to triple extension.  The better we get in these, the more weight you’ll successfully get off the ground and, in the air, to catch in a clean.


4 Rounds For Time:

20/14 Calorie Bike

12 Handstand Push-ups

60′ Plate OH Walking Lunge (45/25)

Would suggest keeping the bike speed a little lower than a sprint, so you have some gas in the tank when you get to the wall for the HSPUs.  Don’t rush the lunges either.  Keep the arms locked out, core tight as you move from lunge to lunge.

Scaling Options:

HS Push Ups -> Pike Push Ups off box -> Pike Push up off floor -> high kneel DB press

Plate weight -> 25/15 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Iron Cross – 1 Min per side


Banded bully stretch – 1 Min per side


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