Bear crawl 30’ and back

5 hand-release push ups

10 iron cross

20-sec hold at top of rings

20-sec bottom of ring hold


On rig:Perform 5 reps of: Scap Pull Ups, Kip Swings, Strict Pull Ups (or ring rows), kipping pull ups (or ring rows)

Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar, complete 5 reps of: Good mornings, Kang Squats, Romanian Deadlifts. Then, set up for Floor Press and complete 2X5 empty bar Floor Press


Floor Press


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.Final go at Floor Press this cycle.  The goal today is to hit a heavy set of 5, followed by a heavier set of 4, followed by a heavier set of 3, etc… until we get to a Heavy Single for the day.  If that heavy single just happens to be a new 1RM, awesome!  If it isn’t, as long as you went heavy and came out of it safe.


3 Rounds:

10 Ring Dips

15 Deadlifts (185/130)

20 Pull Ups

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.

With the ring dips, this will force you to focus on keeping the core tight in the dips so you don’t go all over the place during them.  Grit through those and then keep the back tight in your pull ups and deadlifts.

Scaling Options:

Ring Dips -> Box Dips -> Dips off a bench -> push ups

Bar weight -> 165/115 -> 135/95 -> as needed

Pull Ups -> Banded Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull Ups -> Ring Rows

Cool Down:

Banded triceps stretch – 1 Min per side

Video courtesy of RFT Coaching


Banded Bully Stretch – 1 Min per side


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