semifinals 2022

Pic courtesy of The CrossFit Games.  With “Murph” going down on base this Thursday, thought we would take the rest of the week and get a look at the next step towards the CrossFit Games, the semifinal round.  We’ll take a look at WODs that will be used for the age group qualifiers, an event-specific WOD, and one of the Semifinal WODs that will be used at ALL of the Semifinal events.  For more info on the CrossFit Semifinals, click here.


3 Rounds:

250M row

10 scap push-ups (see video below, courtesy of Performance Place Sports Care & Chiropractic)

8 Twisting push ups

6 Cobra to downward dog


Banded triceps stretch – 1 min per side (see video below, courtesy of RFT Coaching)

2×5 empty barbell bench press

Warmup to working weight on bench


CrossFit Age (35-49) Group Semifinals


For Time:

500M row

30 Bench Presses

1000M row

20 Bench Presses

2000M row

10 Bench Presses


Bench weight – 185/125

Time cap: 30 minutes

Video courtesy of The CrossFit Games. Our journey through the next round of the CrossFit Games qualifiers starts with the age group qualifiers, WOD 1.  Classic push/pull combo here with rowing and bench press. Aim for a weight where you can get a good 10 reps finished before having to rack the weight and rest

Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 165/115 -> 135/95 -> 30-40% of Bench 1RM

Cool Down:

Scorpion hold – 1 min per side


Kneeling Lat stretch – 1 Min per side

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