Grab light/med KB

100’ suitcase carry (switch arms at 50m)

5 Back roll to V-Sit

10 PVC pass throughs

50’ KB front rack carry (switch arms at 25’)

10 Iron Cross

50’ KB OH walking lunge (switch arms at 25’)




Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Starting Strength. Third time hitting good ol’ deadlifts! One thing to try today.  Prior to lifting the bar off the ground, put a little tension on the bar so your arms are solidly locked out.  Lost track of the number of times I have seen folks set up for the deadlift, and slightly dip down right before they lift, causing the arms to have a bend.  This can leave the biceps open to injury if you quickly lift the bar.  Don’t snap a bicep.  With reps dropping to 3 per set, aim to go heavier than the 5X5 week.


For Time:

30 Dual KB Deadlifts (70/53)

200′ Dual KB Farmer Carry (53/35)

20 Dual KB Deadlifts (70/53)

100′ Dual KB Front Rack Carry (53/35)

10 Dual KB Deadlifts (70/53)

50′ Dual KB OH Walking Lunge (53/35)


Time Cap: 15 Min

Video courtesy of Functional Bodybuilding. Quick demo of the Dual KB OH Walking Lunge. Grip and core will be tested today for sure!  Deadlifts are there to reinforce the work you just put in on the traditional deadlifts.  The carry movements are the real meat and potatoes today.  As the degree of difficulty increases, the overall distance covered lessens, but don’t think it will make any section easier than the last.  Dig in for this one!

Scaling Options:

Deadlift KBs -> 53/35 -> as needed

Carry/Lunge KB weight -> 35/25 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Iron Cross hold -1 Min per side


Banded hamstring stretch – 1 min per side

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