Grab super light pair of DBs

2 Rounds:

10 DB RDLs

10 DB Front Squats

10 DB Press

10 Squat2Stand

10 Thoracic High Fives


Barbell Warmup: With an empty bar in Snatch Grip, perform 5 reps of: RDLs, Dip/Shrug, Dip/Shrug/High Elbows, Hang Power Snatch, OHS, Pressing Snatch Balance, Heaving Snatch Balance (last two movements in videos below, courtesy of Catalyst Athletics)

Super Squat Hip Sequence: See video below, courtesy of Mobility WOD


Complete the following…

A) 5 Sets:

5 Snatch-Grip Deadlift @ 75% Snatch 1RM

Sets start every 1:30

B) 5 Sets:

5 Overhead Squat + Snatch Balance @ 65% Snatch 1RM

Sets start every 2:00

C) 5 Sets:

3 Power Snatch + Overhead Squat @ 50% Snatch 1RM

Rest as needed between lifts

Today is a fun day for lifting! The first two portions will have sets due at a certain time per set, whereas the last portion is based on how quick you recover.  1st portion is straight forward.  5 Snatch-grip deadlifts each set, staying at the same weight (75% of your 1RM).  Second section, each set consists of 5 Overhead Squats, and finished with 1 Snatch Balance.  The weight for each set will be at 65% of your 1RM.  For the final portion, each set consists of 3 Power Snatches and 1 OHS, all sets at 50% of your 1RM.  The %s should not kill you, but make you focus on keeping good positions in each lift.

Scaling Options:

Go 10% lower on each lift

Cool Down:

Banded overhead stretch – 1 Min per side

Video courtesy of CrossFit Southie


Oly Wall Sit – 2 Min

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