10 Spider-Man lunges

8 Squat2Stands

8 Thoracic High Fives

8 Inchworms

10 PVC Pass throughs


10 PVC SOTS Press – see video below courtesy of CrossFit HQ

Super Squat Hip Sequence- see second video below, courtesy of Mobility WOD

On Rig: On rig, perform 5 reps of: Scap Pull Ups, Kip Swings, Strict Pull Ups, Kipping Pull Ups.  If doing Buddha Pull Ups, perform 3X5 Ring Rows

Barbell Warmup: With an empty barbell and in Snatch grip, perform 3 reps of: Behind the Neck Push Press, BTN Push Jerk, OHS


Overhead Squat


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics. Third session of Overhead Squat this cycle.  As mentioned before, the stronger we become in this movement, the easier it will be to successfully catch the bar in a Snatch.  Tight core, active shoulders and feet flat! The working sets go back up to 5, but reps drop to 3, so plan on going heavier per set than you did the 3X5 week



Every 3 Min for 5 rounds:

15 OHS (115/80)

Max unbroken pull ups in remaining time

Rest 1 min

(So, work time is 2 min per round)

So, the way each set works is, you have 2 minutes to get through the Overhead Squats and then get as many unbroken pull ups.  Once you drop off the pull up bar, that set is don.  You will then rest until those 2 minutes is up.  There will also be a 1-minute break between rounds.  The way this works, the OHS should take close to a minute or less. That gives you a minute to put together the biggest set of unbroken pull ups.  My suggestion, get the OHS done, rest until the clock hits 1:00, then decide if you are ready for a set of pull ups.  If not fully ready, rest another 10-20 seconds.  Even if you can put 10-20 pull ups together unbroken, that will only take about 30 seconds, so make sure you are recovered enough from the OHS to make the set count. And when doing the pull ups, go all out since you have the guaranteed minute break coming up.  Score = lowest set of unbroken pull ups.

Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 95/65 -> 75/55 -> as needed

Pull ups -> Buddha pull up -> ring row -> table row

Cool Down:


:30 Foam Roll Lower Back

:30 Seated Torso Twist / Side

Video courtesy of the HAM Plan

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