Jog 30’ and back x4

High Knees 30’ & back

Butt kickers 30’ & back

Side shuffle 30’ & back

Inchworm 30’

Bear crawl 30’ & back

10 Over & Backs


6 Rounds:

400M Run

250M Ski Erg

Time cap – 30 Min

Video courtesy of Invictus Fitness.  Want to be more efficient in the Ski Erg?  Watch the video.

Your goal today is constant movement.  Try to go from running, right into the ski erg, right into the run, right into the ski erg, and so on, and so on….

Scaling Options:

Run -> 500M Row

Ski Erg -> Banded Lat Press Downs 25 per set

Video courtesy of Train FTW

Cool Down:

Banded lat stretch – 1 Min per side


Pigeon Pose – 1 Min per side

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