2 rounds:

200M Run

5 Cobra to Downward Dog

5 Cobra to Hip Snap

3 Vertical Jumps

2 Burpee to 6” target


Super Squat Hip Sequence (see video below, courtesy of Mobility WOD)

Barbell warmup: With an empty bar, perform 5 reps of: Good mornings, back squat, Back Rack Lunge (per leg), Back Squat, Good mornings


Back Rack Reverse Lunges


Increase weight ea set

Compare to18June2021

Videos courtesy of Train FTW. This’s cycle’s re-test week finishes off with some good ol’ fashioned “pain cave” time.  Keep that torso straight up during these reps, keep the foot placement at shoulder-width and you’ll be able to handle more per set than you did on 18June


In 3 Minutes, complete:

400M Run

Max Rep, Burpee to 6″ Target’


-Rest 1 Min

-Repeat for 3 More Rounds


Score = Total Burpees to target

The goal on this one is to have about a minute to a minute and a half per round to knock out burpees.  Highly suggest to figure out if the pull up bars on the rig are 6” above your reach.  Those would work perfect as you could set up right under the bar, do the burpee, jump and reach without having to look at the bar.  And go until the end of every round since you will have a full minute to recover between rounds.

Scaling Options:

Run -> cut to 300M -> Row 500M -> Row 350M

Burpee to 6” target -> Burpee

Cool Down:

Spider-Man Lunge hold – 1 Min per side


Cobra Pose – 2 Min

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