50 Single Unders

10 Pushup2Downward Dog

25 L-Leg SUs

25 R-Leg SUs

10 Thread the needle

30 Dubs or 5 attempts

10 PVC Pass Thrus

10 PVC Around the worlds

3 Wall Walks

Barbell Warmup: With an empty barbell and in Snatch Grip, perform 5 reps of: Snatch grip Deadlifts, Dip/Shrug, Dip/Shrug/High Elbows, High Hang Power Snatch, Hang Power Snatch, OHS, Snatch Grip Deadlifts.



Snatch Grip Deadlift


Increase weight ea set

Video courtesy of Untamed Strength. Our third time of doing Snatch Grip Deadlifts this cycle.  Or sets go back up to 5 but reps drop to 3 per set5.  So the goal should be heavier weight per set compared to what you used in the 3X5 and 5X5 weeks.  Remember, no Touch & Go on these.  Reset the hips and torso every rep




30 Double Unders

Overhead Complex Ladder* (95/65)

(1 Rep = 1 Snatch Grip Deadlift +1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat)


*Add 1 Rep per movement each round

(ex, Round 2= 2 Snatch Grip Deadlifts, 2 Hang Power Snatch, 2 OHS. Round 3 = 3 Snatch Grip Deadlifts, 3 Hang Power Snatch, 3 OHS, etc…)

Video courtesy of Life and LiftLikeaMother. So, as described above, every time you come back to the OH complex, you add one rep to each movement.  In this video, this athlete is in Round 3. The Double Unders stay consistent throughout the WOD and the Complex gets longer and harder as the rounds go up.  


Scaling Options:

DUs -> 30 Penguin Hops -> 75 Single Unders -> 75 Bunny Hops

Bar weight -> 75/55 -> as needed


Cool Down:

30 Calf stretch per side in Downward Dog


Banded OH Stretch – 1 Min per side

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