10 Cal Row

50 Single Unders

20 In-place high Knees

10 Samson Stretch (see video below, courtesy of Paradiso CrossFit)

25 L-Leg SUs

25 R-Leg SUs

20 In-Place Butt Kickers

10 Thread the needle

30 Dubs or 5 attempts

10 Huggers

10 Cal Assault Bike


“Cardio Tabata*”

Tabata Row (Cals)

Rest 2 minutes

Tabata Double Unders

Rest 2 minutes

Tabata Shuttle Sprints 30′

Rest 2 Minutes

Tabata Assault Bike (Cals)


*Tabata = 8 Rounds of 20 sec work/10 sec rest


Score = combined reps and cals

Video courtesy of Train FTW.  Some good tips on getting your first Double Under.

I love Tabata days!  The 20 seconds of work is just enough to allow you to go for broke.  Just take those 10 second breaks to take a couple dep breaths for a quick recovery before going again!  So, to clarify, you will do all 8 sets of rowing, then take a 2 min break, then do all 8 sets of Dubs, then 2 min break, then all 8 sets of shuttle sprints (sprint 30’, turn around, sprint back.  Every 30’ = 1 rep), take a 2-minute break, and then finish with 8 sets on the Assault Bike.  And, no, there will be NO scale options for double unders today.  If you do not have Dubs, today, you get eight 20-second opportunities to get your first one.  Make the most of those attempts!!

Scaling Options:

DUs -No scale.  Worse case, you get 8 rounds of 20 sec DU practice

If no assault bike available, do either row again or Ski Erg

Cool Down:

200M walk


Pigeon Pose – 1 Min per leg

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