So often we get too caught up in making sure we’re using a wide variety of equipment in a WOD.  Sometimes it just makes sense to keep it simple.  Today, the only thing you need is a plate and some space on the floor (preferably a 40’ section).


Grab plate (15/10)

2 Rounds:

10 Plate Ground to OH

10 Plate around the worlds per side

10 Squats w/plate out front

10 Plate OH Walking lunges

5 Burpee to Plate


5 Rounds:

40′ Plate Suitcase Carry R-Hand (45/25)

40′ Plate Suitcase Carry L-Hand

30 Plate Ground to Overhead

20 Alt. Lunges with plate*

10 Burpee to Plate


*Bear Hug plate to hold

Videos courtesy of Train FTW and martystrength.com, respectively.  Demos for Plate Groudn toOH and our Plate Suitcase Carry.    With the plate suitcase carry, you will pinch the top of the plate, rather than grabbing it in the middle.  Still keep the hips level when doing the walk.  Don’t lean to one side or the other

Scaling Options:

Plate weight -> 25/15 -> as needed

Cool Down:

Barbell rollout on forearm – 1 Min per side


Spider-Man Lunge hold w/foot elevated on plate – 1 Min per side

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