50 Single Unders

10 Pushup2Downward Dog

25 L-Leg SUs

25 R-Leg SUs

10 Thread the needle

30 Dubs or 5 attempts

10 Huggers

10 KB Deadlifts

10 Russian Swings

5 Am KB Swings

DB Warmup: With a pair of light DBs, perform: 5 DB deadlifts, 5 Push Ups on DB, 5 DB Power Clean & Jerks, 5 DB Double Snatch, 5 Devil’s Press


25 Min AMRAP:

200M Run

25 Am Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

50 Double Unders

10 Devil’s Press (50/35)

Video courtesy of CrossFit Federal Hill.  Some great tips on Devil’s Press Efficiency. Good mix of Cardio and Weights today!  Remember, this WOD is 25 minutes, so keep a pace that will allow you to move the whole time.  Nothing worse than being 5 minutes in to a 25 minute workout and gasping for air.

Scaling Options:

Run -> 250M Row

KB weight -> 35/25

DUs -> 100 SUs per round

DB weight -> 35/25

Cool Down:

Roll out back – 30 passes


Calf Stretch – 30 sec per side

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