400M jog

Inchworm 30’

Side lunge 30’

Spider-Man Lunge 2 Samson 30’

Heel2Toe 30’

Crab walk 30’

Bear crawl 30’

5 vertical jumps

5 burpees

3 burpee to 6” target (see vid below for description)

On Rig: Perform 5 reps of: Scap pull up, Kip Swings, Strict Pull ups, Kipping Pull Ups.



Pull Ups

Burpee to 6″ above-reach target

Ab Mat Sit Ups

Video courtesy of Constantly Varied Gear.  Demo for the Burpee to 6″ Target.  Measure six inches from the top of you reach.  Set a bar or ring to that height.  Drop down for your burpee.  As you stand, jump up and touch the target. This descending ladder will punch you right in the mouth from the get go, but don’t let it phase you.  Keep a steady pace on the higher-rep sets.  Break before you hit failure, especially on the pull ups.  As the sets get smaller, that’s when you start to pick up the pace.


Scaling Options:

Pull Ups -> Buddha Pull ups -> Ring Rows -> Table Row

Ab Mat Sit Ups -> Feet anchored

Burpee to 6” target -> Burpee


Cool Down:

Rig Lat Stretch – 1 Min Per side

Video courtesy of Harbor Park CrossFit


Doorway Stretch – 1 Min Per side

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