Power Clean + Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat




+ 1 Jerk at the end of each SET.

Sets start every 3 min


%s Based on 3 Oct 1RM

Video courtesy of Adal Zurita.  One rep in our Clean Complex in this cycle will consist of: 1 Power Clean, followed by 1 Squat Clean, followed by a Hang Squat Clean, finished with a Front Squat.  At the end of each set, perform 1 Jerk after the Front Squat.  Remember, this jerk is done at the end of each SET, not end of each REP.  During the cycle, the goal is to hold onto the bar through the whole complex. Once you finish the Power Clean, bring the bar to the ground.  From there, without letting go of the bar, reset your back and feet and make sure you are in the right position to go into a Squat Clean.  Once you finish the Squat Clean, bring the bar to the hang, don’t let it go to the ground.  From here, take a breath, and then complete a Hang Squat Clean.  Once you stand up all the way after the Hang Squat Clean, complete one final Front Squat.  You can put the bar down between reps.


Alternating On the Minute x 14 (7 Rounds):

Odd – 16/11 Calorie Row

Even – 1 Minute Max Clean & Jerk (95/65)


Score is lowest number of Clean & Jerks

When you finish your row, any time left over prior to the end of the minute is rest.  Once the next minute starts, begin hitting the Clean & Jerks.  Get as many as possible in that minute, but be mindful of the clock, because once that minute is up, you need to hop back on your rower to begin that next row.


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 75-55 -> As needed (135/95 for Elite)


Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 min per side


Banded OH stretch – 2 min per side



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