3-Postion Snatch (Floor, Below the Knee, above the knee)




Sets start every 3 min


%s Based off 14 Mar 1RM

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Third time hitting our Snatch Complex this cycle. The %s stay the same as last time but reps go up,so time per set is longer. Still work to maintain that hook grip and get those hips to violently open once that bar goes past the mid-thigh!


15 Min AMRAP:

10 Power Snatch (115/80)

20 Hollow Rocks

10 OHS (115/80)

20 Toe2Bar

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Quick demo of proper Hollow Rock technique.  Core and shoulder stability is the name of the game today!



Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 95/65 -> as needed, but keep weight same for PS and OHS

Hollow Rocks -> with legs bent

Toe2Bar -> Hanging Knee Raise -> Laying Toe2Bar


Cool Down:

250M row (slow)


Cobra to Downward Dog – 30

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