Hope everyone had a good workout Friday!  Time to get ready for the last week of the Open!



Segmented Clean Deadlift (3 pauses: 2” off ground, right above the knee, high hang)


Increase weight ea set

Compare to 16 Jan

Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Re-test time for Segmented Clean Deadlifts 5X5!!!  The goal is to move more weight per set this week than you did on 16 Jan.  Stay tight throughout each rep


For Time:


Power Snatch (135/95)



Calorie Row


Start w/15 Power Snatches, then 30 Cal Row, then 12 Power Snatches, then 24 Cal Row, then 9 Power Snatches, and then finish w/18 Cal Row.  The weight for the Power Snatch should be something that you could do 10+ reps unbroken if fresh


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 115/80 -> 95/65 -> as needed


Cool Down:

Back Extensions on GHD – 4X12


Banded Bully Stretch – 2 min per side

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