Today is our Fit2FIght Throw Down!  Teams of 4, with a toy/gift card donation for our adopted AF Family.


Fit2Fight Throwdown – Teams of 4 – See Notes*

12 Days of Christmas

Performed simultaneously:

12 Burpees

11 Ab mat sit ups

10 Hand release pushups

9 Superman’s

8 Jumping lunges

7 Inch worms

6 Jumping squats

5 BMT leg lifts

4 Jumping jacks

3 Tuck jumps

2 Hollow rock rolls

1 V-sits

4 teams of 4 will go at a time starting one in each corner each team will do the 12 Days of Christmas ( simultaneously), then together a lap around gym floor then they get back to their spot 2 people will perform Hungry Hungry Hippo to grab as many balls as possible on a furniture mover alternating after every round. The ball will be counted then put back in the middle every rd , there is a 20 min cut off to get through 12-1 of movements a run and ball gathering

Ex: 12 burpees (simultaneously) everyone and run a lap, 2 member get balls, then as a team

11 ab mat sit ups, run , and 2 different members get balls


Scaling Options: 

We will set scaling options day-of


Cool Down:

Roll out what hurts

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