2-Sec Pause Back Squat


Increase weight ea set

Video and purpose description courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Our Squat variation this cycle will be 2-sec pause back squat.  Set up like a normal back squat, as you descend, as soon as the crease of the hip goes below the knee, completely stop and hold that position for a 2-count (one-one thousand, two-one thousand).  Then, stand back up.  The goal is to hold core stability during the pause, and not bouncing out of the bottom.  The pause back squat can serve a few purposes. First, it helps train rate of force development in the squat by eliminating the stretch-shortening reflex that normally occurs and helps the muscles generate more force and momentum to recover through the sticking point of the squat. It will also improve trunk strength and postural strength, improve flexibility and comfort in the bottom of the squat, and help correct improper movement in the squat such as leading with the hips.


For Time:

21 Pistols (per leg)

6 Rope Climbs

15 Pistols (per leg)

4 Rope Climbs

9 Pistols (per leg)

2 Rope Climbs


Alternate legs each pistol.


Scaling Options:

Pistol -> banded pistol -> pistol to box or stack of weights

For Banded pistols (video courtesy of WODStar):


Rope climbs -> 3 rope walks per climb

For Rope Walks (video courtesy of CrossFit on the hill):



Cool Down:

Roll out forearms on racked bar


Couch Stretch – 3 min per side

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