Sumo Deadlift



Increase weight ea set

Compare to 30 Aug

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Re-test on  Sumo Deadlift!!!   As stated in the video, get the hips lower than your shoulders before you begin the pull.  As you wind up the hips to do this, put some tension on the bar so when you do initiate the pull, you won’t put a snap on the biceps.  The goal is to go heavier on each set than you did on 30Aug.



Cals on Assault Bike

Cals on Ski Erg


right into…


1 Mile Run

Lung burner for sure!  If there are more athletes than assault bikes, have half start on the Ski Erg.


Scaling Options:

Run -> 2K Row


Cool Down:

Thread the needle x 10 per side(slow)


GHD Back Extensions – 3 sets of 20

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