“Rowling” for 10 rounds

Any meters above or below 100 per round = the number of penalty moves

Rnd 1-5 – burpees

Rnd 5-10 – Toe2Bars

Videos courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Goal is to stop exactly at 10M each round.  If you go over or under that, then do one rep of the penalty movement for every meter you went over or under.  Finish your penalty reps before moving on to the next set. Since there are enough rowers, do each round as a class.  See who can get the best (lowest number of penalty reps) score in the game.


EMOM for 20

Odd min – 1 Rope Climb

Even min – 10 Box Jumps (24/20)

In today’s WOD, finishing fast is not the goal. Rather, focus on good form and efficiency in the movements:

Rope Climbing –

And Box jumps –


Scaling Options:

Rope Climb -> 3 rope walks or 1 successful leg raise/pinch and pull up, as seen in this video ..


Box height -> as needed


Cool Down:

Roll out lats – 30 sec per side


Pigeon pose – 1 min per side

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