EMOM 24:

Min 1 – Pull Ups*

Min 2 – 100M Run

Min 3 – Toe2Bars**

Min 4 – 100M Run

Min 5 – Rope Climb**

Min 6 – 100M Run


*Either 10 Butterfly Pull Ups, 6 Kipping Pull Ups, or 4 Strict Pull Ups, or 6 Buddha Pull Ups


**Either 8 Toe2Bars, or 12 Hanging Knee Raise


**Either 1 Rope Climb or 3 Rope Walks


As you read above, for each minute there is either a running distance or movement you need to complete.  For the movements, depending on which variation you are able to do will determine what reps you will do.  Say, for example with the pull ups, you can either work your skill on butterfly pull ups or kipping, or work strength and do strict.  For those who cannot do butterfly, kipping, or strict, you will work Buddha pull ups to build up your strength.  That same method applies for Toe2Bars and Rope Climbs


Scaling Options:

Run -> 125M row


Cool Down:

Stretch calf on rig – 1 min per leg



Roll out lats – 20 passes per side

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