Clean Pulls


Increase weight ea set


Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.  Third instance of clean pulls.   Lower reps per set, so goal is heavier weights than 3X5 week.



Wall Balls (20/14)

Ab Mat Sit Ups*



*35 Double Unders after every round of Ab mat Sit Ups


So, the WOD starts with 10 Wall Balls, then 10 Ab Mat Sit Ups, then 35 DUs, then 9 Wall Balls, 9 ab mat sit ups, and then 35 DUs…etc  The DUs stay the same for every round while the wall balls and ab mat sit ups decrease ea round until you complete the last round of 1 Wall Ball, one ab mat sit up, and 35 DUs.


Scaling Options:

Med ball  weight -> as needed

Ab mat Sit up -> feet-anchored sit up

DUs -> 70 SUs a round


Cool Down:

Cobra pose – 3 min


Calf stretch on rig – 2 min per side

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